Elyza Bleau is what is truly called a Renaissance Woman. She's an accomplished musician, who started her career in college honing her craft of classical French horn and singing musical theatre tunes. But after 11 years of french horn and music theory, she dropped it all to sing rock n’ roll and jam on her tenor ukulele. The pulses of distortion kept ringing in her ear, and she's been enjoying rocking out on a good old Truetone from the 60s ever since.

Elyza is also made the big move from programming tinkerer to full-time Front-End Web Developer after studying at Columbia University. With poise and stellar communication honed over years of teaching, acting, design, and writing mixed with a focus on JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Node.js, she takes an end-user approach to creating a web environment that can help everyone feel engaged. Follow-through, attention to detail, and a passion for collaboration keep her excited to solve problems and stay creative.

When she’s not adding a gradient or filter to the CSS on a webpage, Elyza can be seen running, singing and dancing everywhere around NYC, flying on a trapeze, on another new adventure, or getting intimate with strangers with street photography.